Tuesday, 29 May 2007

May 29 ~ Spicy!

One ransacked spice rack later, and here I am with today's photo. I was struggling for inspiration today, and then noticed my lone chili pepper which is now drying out rather nicely, getting a fascinating wrinkly texture. The aromas of the various spices was making my mouth water! They don't go together well aromatically, but texture-wise and colour-wise I think they do. My spice rack is now missing some cloves, peppercorns, chili pepper flakes, cinnamon and steak spice as a result!

Tough day back in the office; it always seems to be that little bit more difficult the day after a Bank Holiday. Onwards and upwards though, as they say! Hope you all have had a Tuesday that was kind to you, and {{HUGS}} to you all!


RUTH said...

I'm sure there's a recipe somewhere for these...lovely photo.

Anna said...


CG said...

Hot stuff!!

Moi said...

I love spicy food....being an Indian I cant touch my food if it doesnt have doses of spices....:)