Sunday, 27 May 2007

May 27 ~ Looking Up

The rain stopped for about 2 hours this morning, long enough for me to go out for a walk in the wildfowl reserve. I took about 50 shots, but this was the one that really struck me. I love the almost inquisitive expression this duckling has. He was far more interested in the plants that grew beyond his reach than the ones right at his little webby feet.

By noon the rain was threatening once again, so it was home to make pizza for lunch and settle down with Chris to watch Rocky Balboa on DVD. It was the first Rocky movie I'd seen properly, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. One day I'll have to rent the others to see what a cultural phenomenon I've missed!

I'm really enjoying the fact that I have tomorrow off as well - how I love long weekends! I'm thinking about heading out EARLY to capture the dawn, as I've not yet put the Samsung through its paces on landscape shots. The weather's looking promising, but I can't guarantee that when the alarm goes off at 3am that I won't just roll over and go back to sleep!

Have a great Sunday, and {{HUGS}} from me!


CG said...

What a cute little ducky. He looks so tiny in the long grass. Hope you have a lovely Monday :)

RUTH said...

What an enchanting photograph; I immediately thought (apologies to Bugs Bunny) What's Up Duck! Hope you have better weather than we have had.

Anna said...



JAM said...

This is a really great photo. The look on this littly guy's face is precious.