Thursday, 24 May 2007

May 24 ~ Cosmos Again

Seemed to be stuck for inspiration today, so out came the cosmos again. I used the light tent again today, but this time opted for the black background that came with it (comes with a red and a blue background too, as well as the white one and black one)

On a non-photographic note, I signed up that big mortgage today! I really needed the boost it gave; I feel more confident now.

{{{HUGS}}} for them that wants 'em, and see you tomorrow!


RUTH said...

So glad you got your client to sign on the dotted line...a relief and boost I'm sure. Really can't choose a favourite from the 2 Cosmos.....I think they'd look great side by; back/front....almost opposites of each other.

Kaycee said...

Great cosmos photos with rich colors!

Congrats on your business deal!

Anna said...

Lovely color Anna...


CG said...

works very well; this seems like a useful accessory. Glad you got the mortgage signed :)

Pat said...

Nice to see some pics using the "tent".

Congrats on the mortgage too!