Monday, 21 May 2007

May 21 ~ Artist at Work

You know, I can't leave these "people" of mine alone for even a few minutes without them getting up to something or other! I went out into the back yard with the camera for a bit of a wander this evening - wasn't gone more than 10 minutes, but when I came back I saw that Flex had been into the paints and had created a "masterpiece". I just couldn't resist taking a shot of the artist at work, contemplating his creation.

Hooray! The portfolio of images has finally been emailed to the magazine - what a relief! I'm really excited to find out which shot they choose to use, and what issue it will feature in.

Today was a busy day of nothing in particular at work - spent my time researching leads and trying to contact customers, all to no avail. Back to the drawing board tomorrow I guess! I'm trying not to get too agitated about my appointment diary being virtually empty, and figure that I'll get my lucky break soon enough. Mortgage, anyone? :D

Hope Monday has been kind to you - see you tomorrow! {{{HUGS}}}


RUTH said...

Such artistry and use of colour! perhaps i could commission him to paint some of the flowers in my garden:-)

Anna said...

Wow....what an eye he has Anna! :) Glad that all your images got sent out. I look forward to hearing more soon!

~the other Anna

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Your woody pics are always wonderful, they make me smile. Maybe I must get hold of some too LOL.

Your detail images from the workshop will be wonderful I am sure, I like the one you posted, will be good to see some more.

Hope you are well ((((((Hugs))))


CG said...

really made me smile again xx