Sunday, 15 April 2007

Catch Up - April 10th to 14th

Here's another catch-up installment of PAD photos. I'll do a separate post for today's shot though :)

Hope you're all well!

April 10 ~ Elegance

April 11 ~ Ribbit!

Iggy has been startled; he was standing there, minding his own business, when something jumped onto his shoulder. Try as he might, even with his swivelling iguana eyes, he just can't quite see what's sitting on him. All he can hear is "Ribbit".

April 12 ~ Fork-Off

It's like a face-off, but with forks!

April 13 ~ Robodog

Since Mini-Me's disastrous attempts to teach Iggy to fetch, he's been wanting a dog. Enter Robodog; Mini-Me's smitten - at last, a member of the family that's smaller than he is! But will HE fetch?

April 14 ~ Not the Easter Bunny!

Mini-Me is struggling to get his camera; he's just come face to face with the Easter Bunny! I didn't have the heart to point out to him that he's about a week late, didn't want to ruin Mini-Me's excitement!


talj said...

Great selection of images Anna, good to see you back :o) {{HUGS}}

CG said...

oh these are great, anna, love the new accessories for the woodys. But my favourite shot is the first - it's gorgeous :)