Saturday, 3 March 2007

March 3 ~ Sign of Spring

Happy Saturday everyone! :) Hope you're all well - I know I am. Spent today pottering about, so not much time for photos - this was one I grabbed when I saw the last of the crocuses in the yard looking good. Dashed out, cut one, put it in a glass of water, and CLICK!

I'm on Moon Watch at the moment; waiting for the eclipse to really get going, and hopefully get a couple of shots of it. The cloud seems to have broken up enough to let us get a good show. It means a late night for me though; totality is around 10:45 tonight, but I have to be up at 3:30am for my trip out to Holy Island to photograph the sunrise. The eclipse better be GOOD :D

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow; Holy Island is a location I've wanted to photograph for a long time now, and it's not often that the tides coincide with sunrise as perfectly as they will tomorrow. Fingers crossed the weather's good!


CG said...

Hope the eclipse is good :)

Am looking forward to some great Holy Island shots - wish we could join you; I bet it will be beautiful at sunrise.

The crocus looks gorgeous fully opened.


Elaine said...

This is lovely. Hope you get some good shots of the eclipse and Holy Island.

JCR said...

Another great shot from you!!

Hope you get some good ones of the eclipse, will look forward to seeing those.

Will cross my fingers that the weather holds for tomorrow, give me a wave on your way up the coast :)


RUTH said...

The eclipse was wonderful here; if only I had a camera that was capable of taking a photo of it! Hope you got some good shots...looking forward to seeing them.

Anna said...

So pretty. I am SO ready for spring I cant stand it! :)

talj said...

Looking forward to seeing your Holy Island shots, I bet you will have a ball!! :o) Hope you got on alright with the eclipse, me and my trusty binoculars enjoyed watching it for a while! :o)

Have a lovely Sunday {{{BIG HUGS}}} xxx

Kaycee said...

What a beautiful shot! The details are so fine and the colors are wonderful!
It is great to see a crocus, especially since the ones in my yard are still buried underneath a mountain of snow!