Tuesday, 27 March 2007

March 27 ~ Go Fish!

"Flex, do you have a ten?" Ayla asked.
"No, go fish!" Flex shouted back gleefully. He is already losing the game to Ayla and wants to win very badly - not that he's competitive or anything! :D

I've been rushed off my feet today at work - so pooped tonight that I almost didn't get this post done; I'm falling asleep at the computer. I am really loving the job, but find that it takes a lot of concentration, especially in these early stages while I'm still learning the ropes. I feel as if I'm getting all of the difficult cases right off the bat, which compounds the issue. Oh well, good to learn the hard way so that later on these might become more routine sorts of queries and lending issues.

Hoping for a nice weekend weather-wise as Chris and I want to get out and about to do something together. We didn't seem to spend as much time together this past weekend as I was off to Whitby on the Saturday and recovering from lugging all my gear around on the Sunday. This weekend will just be for us - hopefully the weather will be kind and I'll get some nice photos. The weekend after, I'm off for 4 whole days as it's Easter and I'm headed to Carlisle to meet up with M and R to take some photos on the Saturday. Should be a lot of fun, as I've not seen either of them since July.

Hope you've all had a good day - I send you {{{HUGS}}}


RUTH said...

I remember playing this with the children and grandchildren when they were all younger. Great photo, made me really smile. Glad you're coping with work even if you are having to deal with the toughies...it's no surprise you're tired by the end of the day. I always found mental work more tiring than physical work. Hope the weather will hold for you so you can have a great weekend.

janus2810 said...

Great blog! Been browsing around the net, my wife has a photo a day blog and I wanted to see who else was doing it! Seems perfectly fitting that we sometimes (sadly) play go fish! If you're interested, come check hers out @ www.lightleakmedia.blogspot.com Keep it up! JP

Anna said...

I am not sure about you but I am craving some Texas Hold Em after seeing this shot Anna....


Olivier said...

superbe ce montage, j'adore ces personnages, bravo

superb this assembly, I adore these characters, cheer

CG said...

What a brilliant pic; I love the mini playing cards!!

Hope you start to feel less tired soon, and that your weekend with Chris is lovely :)