Wednesday, 21 March 2007

March 21 ~ Monkey Business

I love apes and monkeys - this is part of my "gang". When I found out you could get a free Monkey with a box of PGTips tea, I rushed out and bought some teabags! I haven't played with my Nikon 50mm f/1.8 as much as I would like to, so made sure to have a go today. I love how sharp this lens is, and how light it is on the camera. It's terrific value for money.

I'm really excited about Saturday and the trip to Whitby; even if the weather's not great, it will be a wonderful day. Hope I get some good photos though! Can't believe after all the talk about it and planning for it that the big day is only 2 days away - it's been in the works since New Year's!

On Friday, I'm also paying to secure my place on a photographic trip to the Farne Islands off the Northumberland coast. It will be my 2nd trip up there, and I can't wait to photograph some more puffins. Hopefully this year we will be there to get shots of the puffins with sand eels in their beaks - we were a couple of weeks too early last year. Here's hoping - it's one of my "dream shots".

{{{HUGS}}} to you all - I'm off to get in my pyjamas, make a mug of Ovaltine (memories of childhood there!) and watch Ugly Betty. See you tomorrow!


CG said...

What a lovely group of monkeys :) I'm off to watch Ugly Betty too but I hate ovaltine! Enjoy your evening; great shot as usual!!

RUTH said...

SNAP! Just finished watching it myself! Love the monkeys a great group photo.

Sheila said...

What a bunch of cheeky monkeys.
I love Ovaltine, but it's been years since I had any..!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

AAAwww I love the monkeys!! I used to collect Garfields mainly but any stuffed toy would do, I had dolphins, whales, teddys, ducks the works but as with everything else of mine they are allin England and South Africa never to be seen again probably :-(

I LOVE Ovaltine, I havent drunk it forever, I dont even know if you can get it here, I will have to look for it. When I was growing up because of the sanctions on our country by USA and England we very rarely saw imported things so Ovaltine was a major treat for us, along with things like gas for the cars, rice, tinned fish and many many other things we all take for granted. We went for years where we had gas (petrol where I come from same stuff tho)shortages and were allocated so many gallons of gas per month for our cars, which we had to apply for, then they calculated how much we would need to get to work and back and that was it!!! When it became even worse we used to leave our cars in a queue on a friday outside a gas station so that when it got its consignment in on the Monday morning we would be able to get 10 gallons and that was it. Sometimes they didnt get anything in or very little and when it was finished that was it, no more til next week. I was pregnant with my daughter at that time so that was a worry, would I be able to get to the hospital when the time came LOL. She arrived at 20 to 3 on Christmas morning 1982!! Oh well I digress LOL. I could tell you a million stories. The Ovaltine just jogged memories.

Have fun this weekend if I dont get back before then and (((((HUGS)))). Have a safe trip.


Kaycee said...

What a fun photo! Do you have a lot of bananas for your monkeys? Do they like Ovaltine?
I will have to check out Ugly Betty. I have to admit that I haven't watch this show. American Idol was on tonight!

Pat said...

Not sure about ugly betty.. Haven't heard of it here.

I love Ovaltine and have it most nights. You can get it here in Canada.

Love your Monkey Business, Anna. I think they are cute as well as it being a great capture!

Wish I were going to Whitby! And the Farnes. :(

{{{{{HUGS TO YOU TOO}}}}}