Saturday, 17 March 2007

March 17 ~ Artistic License

Artistic license is permission to make a mess! At least that's what happens if I ever try anything artistic....

These are little tubes of acrylic paint that I've had since I got Mini-Me some months back - he was part of a starter kit for painters. They, along with the paintbrushes that came with them, have been sitting collecting dust in my "studio" all this while. Figured it was high time I got some use out of them.

Well, I've had my first rejection slip from a magazine today! I submitted 3 entries into Practical Photography's macro competition, and got a slip in the post today along with my returned submission, stating that it was "technically good but lacks impact". Hmph. Back to the drawing board.... It could have been worse, though; it could have had "poor camera technique, is poorly exposed or out of focus" ticked instead! I'm trying to cheer myself up with the thought that the only comments on the ticklist more positive than mine were "excellent entry, but not quite good enough to be shortlisted" or "shortlisted entry. Well done, your entry got into the final judging stage, so you only just missed out on a prize". I'm expecting the portfolio I submitted to Outdoor Photography magazine to come back with a rejection slip any day now! :D

Onwards and upwards - I just need to try harder!



dot said...

Oh Anna, I'm sorry you got that rejection slip! Don't you imagine many famous writers got the same until they finally hit it right? Keep trying! I enjoy your photos.

RUTH said...

Sorry to hear you got a rejection slip but it will spur you on to even greater photographs. I think this one is brilliant!

Anna said...

This is great Anna....

I love the colors, the compostion...all of it.

Nice job! I agree with Ruth...brilliant!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Anna this photo is fabulous, another one I can see hanging on my wall. You are very creative, I wish a bit of it would rub off on me LOL.

On the subject of the competition and the macro rejection and the Practical Photography submission, remember that is only one group of people's opinions and quite often they have jaded opinions and a biased opinion of their self worth. We all love your pictures here. I used to hate reading those critiques in Practical Photography cant remember the two guys' names, they were so rude at times and opinionated. Give them an abstract mish mash photo that no-one can GET and they will think it is wonderful LOL. They aren't the ones that will be buying your photographs, the people in everyday life will and your pictures are certainly worthy of being displayed in homes and businesses.

I have caught up on the last few days' comments, sorry for my absence. (((HUGE HUGS)))) Always in my thoughts.


CG said...

Sorry to hear about the rejection, anna, but i admire you for submitting. I'm too chicken for that. You have a lot of talent so keep on submitting and success will happen for sure!!
Have a lovely Sunday!