Tuesday, 13 March 2007

March 13 ~ Heart of Gold

I so love tulips, and when I am lucky enough to have a vase full of them, I take lots and lots of photos! I was playing around with my macro lens, and this reminded me of sand dunes somehow. I like the texture in the petals.

The tulips will likely look pretty good for the next 4 days or so, therefore it's highly likely that more shots of them will feature here.

I've been so busy at work that I have been so very tired when I get in; it's been great being so occupied though. Between the tiring days and the wind here at night, I've not been getting much rest. My apologies for the lack of comments on blogs and the shortness of my posts here.

My big excitement is that a work colleague of mine has asked me if I would consider doing some photos of her friend's wedding in September. She's already explained to her that I haven't done portraits, but her friend is unconventional and wants "snaps" of sorts. The wedding is September 8th, and I will hopefully talk to the bride sometime in the next few weeks!



RUTH said...

How exciting and a new photograhic venture for you too. Make sure you rest now.

dot said...

I'm sure you can handle the job. Those tulips are beautiful!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Anna these are beautiful. I am looking forward to having time to play with stuff like this and learn to shoot them well. I have also been very sparse in my commenting but am trying to catch up. Thanks for the info on the perspex. That is what I am using (half inch and blackmaerial underneath) maybe I have too much light in the room and need to close the area in or shoot in a darker room? I will experiment soon.


Kaycee said...

Anna, I love your macro shot of the tulip! The color is gorgeous and the lighting is excellent!
I am sure that you will do a great job of photographing a wedding!

Mike said...

Great shots over the last several days.

Congratulations on the potential wedding shoot. That will be exciting.

CG said...

Really lovely work, Anna; what macro lens do you use??

I am sure you'll do great at the wedding. I remember some informal wedding pics you took a while back that I saw and they were great...and you've developed so much as a photographer since then.
Hope you feel more rested soon.xxxx

talj said...

Great news about the wedding stuff Anna!! Way to go you!!! {{{HUGS}}} Lovely tulip shot too! :o) They are just too nice not to take photos of aren't they? lol :o) xx

Libbys Blog said...

Your tulip pics are gorgeous. How exciting to be asked to 'do' a wedding!!