Sunday, 11 March 2007

March 11 ~ Gerbera

Bad night last night - ferocious winds here in North East England that kept me awake. I have therefore been groggy all day and my attention span almost nil. I'm not happy with this photo, but it's today's shot! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better photo day.

The weather's been windy and grey today - so no outing for me. We braved the supermarket to get some groceries, but that's it. I really hope this weekend is better weather-wise; I really love getting out and about with my camera. I'm REALLY looking forward to 2 weeks from now - a bunch of photographers from the Photography Cafe are meeting up in Whitby for a great day out. Some members who have a fair distance to travel are even making a weekend of it! It will be a lot of fun to meet up with friends made online, some of whom I've met before in the flesh, some of whom I'll meet for the first time. I will DEFINITELY be delivering lots of hugs, Pat! :)

Hope you've all had a good Sunday - I'm going to go back to work tomorrow to recover from the weekend! Hopefully tomorrow's post will be better.



CG said...

What a beautiful flower; I love these!!

Your upcoming day out in Whitby sounds's a great place for photography. Looking forward to seeing all the photos!!


RUTH said...

Sounds a great day and how exciting. Beautiful Gerbera.

talj said...

I can't wait!! I'll be making it but only for a few hours! Still, plenty of time for hugs though :o) Have a good week Anna {{{BIG HUGS}}}

Sheila said...

The Gerbera photo is great. I'm not a photographer, I just 'take pictures'..LOL, I would have been delighted to have taken this shot..!

Anna said...

Love this image! Beautiful. Have fun together....what a great time that will be!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...


I have just done my own quick catch up on your posts. I LOVE all of them, each blog I visit is like a unique journey and yours isno exception. Grat photos.

Miss you guys and promise I will be back to normal soon (I hope, whatever normal is LOL!!)

Thanks for your e-mail on the perspex. I will keep working on it and let you see the results when things quiet down.



Pat said...

Oh, how I love gerberas! This is a great shot too.

I so wish I were going to Whitby to have a natter with you and Talj! And thanks for giving all the hugs out. You'll be "hugged out" but they time you get through that bunch who are attending. I'll be the fly on the wall.

CG said...

I can see the headlines now...."World's Longest Hug Record broken today in Whitby by T and AB" :)

Andrew said...

What's not to be happy about? Hope you get to feeling better.

Kaycee said...

I hope that you are having a better day. We have had some extremly windy days here lately. I thought that the trees were going to crash into the house!

I love to photograph gerbera daisies, too. This one has wonderful color!

Olivier said...

toujours ce style depouillé qui va tellement bien aux fleurs. bravo je suis fan.

always this stripped style which goes so much well to the flowers. cheer I am fan.