Saturday, 3 February 2007

January 31 ~ Snowdrops

Finally! Sunshine!!!!

I managed to get out and walk around the grounds on Wednesday, and boy - did I ever need it! I was feeling frustrated and upset over the course; the trainer seemed to have taken a dislike to me for some reason that I couldn't fathom. Good thing most of the people with me on the course are lovely!

It felt wonderful to be outdoors again after being inside since Sunday afternoon - and I was delighted to spot these snowdrops in bloom. After my walk, I felt refreshed.

I had a birdwatching first for me, too - a kingfisher flew right past me as I stood by the edge of the pond!! Unfortunately, he didn't land anywhere that I could see, and despite waiting until dusk, he didn't come back. That flash of iridescent blue as he shot by was fantastic!


CG said...

It's always a thrill to see a kingfisher; the colour is amazing. I love the first snowdrops too; nice to think spring is on it's way.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Lovely little flowers, they look great in large patches. Pity about the Kingfisher they are very pretty and it would have been a very opportune capture.

Pat said...

AB, are the kingfishers over here in Canada the same as in England? I don't remember ever seeing anything quite like what I've seen from some of our photographer friends over here.

Love those snowdrops.

Of course, you know nothing like that is near ready to bloom here.