Saturday, 3 February 2007

February 3 ~ Introducing Iggy

I was in the back garden today with Flex, Ayla and Mini-Me enjoying the beautiful sunshine, when they spotted this little fellow hiding in the grass. He looked forlorn and very hungry - so they fed him and promptly decided to adopt him. They've named him Iggy; perhaps not the most original of names, but it fits.

Welcome to the gang, Iggy!

I also went out at sunrise this morning. After being away all week cooped up in the training centre, I really wanted to get some fresh air and clear my head. Went to the Quayside and took photos of the bridges and buildings of Newcastle and Gateshead. Here's a couple....

Before I forget - I have a new friend here on my blog. Meet Minkey, my pet monkey (guess I watched too many Peter Sellers' Inspector Clouseau films!). Please stop by and feed him a banana from time to time - he loves them!


CG said...

What a beautiful series of photos, Anna - the light is so subtle. My favourite is the Quayside one.

CG said...

LOL at Iggy!! I'm wondering who will join the family next!!

well done on keeping up with your PAD while on your course, AB. Hope you enjoy your weekend lots

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

OM Gosh they do make all types of these woody characters. Welcome Iggy to the fold, look forward to seeing more of you and all of your adventures.

The sunrises are beautiful Anna. I love that time of day but am really bad at getting up early.
Really lovely.

Sharon said...
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Sharon said...

Wow - gorgeous shots. Looks like you had a nice day too - it was glorious here (oxfordshire) today.

RUTH said...

Hi and thanks for your visit. What superb photos you have here and so beautifully presented. If you don't mind being linked to such a "click and hope for the best" photograper I'll pop you on my sidebar with the other Photo A Day blogs.

Kaycee said...

You certainly captured beautiful light at sunrise, AB. I bet that it felt good to be home again.
Iggy, welcome to the gang!

Pat said...

Welcome Iggy!

Love your little family! I still think you should write a children's book using your photos.

Wonderful shots from early morning too. Love seeing them large.