Monday, 19 February 2007

February 19 ~ Crocus

It's been a lovely day at work today - not busy enough, but it's getting there! It made a wonderful change to finally see a customer who passed the credit score, and who we could actually GET a mortgage for! I had some good news from a customer of mine, too - she has been ill with cancer, and has spent some of the past week in hospital for intensive radiotherapy. She made a special trip into the bank today just to see me and let me know that all seems to be going well. She just gave me a hug and said "thank you". I cried a bit with her, hugged a lot, and smiled even more. She's going to keep me posted. It meant so much to me that she came into the bank not to do any transactions, but just to see me. She's been on my mind a lot, especially as she has a 3 year old daughter.

As I've been composing this post, my sister Michelle paged me on MSN Messenger and sent me some new photos of Nevaeh. I can't believe how big this niece of mine has gotten! She was 3 months old on Saturday, and I miss her SO much. Here's a photo of Nevaeh (who I call Pumpkin) taken by Michelle:

Last time I saw Nevaeh, it was December 30th, and we were in Canada. Guess next time we see her, it will be Christmas 2007 and she will be 13 months old!


CG said...

That's a lovely crocus Anna - I feel as if I can see a red heart hidden inside it.

Nevaeh is lovely (how do you say her name?) It must be hard being so far away from her and from the rest of your family.

I'm glad your client visited you today - it's a real lift when we feel we've made a difference to people's lives.

Hugs, J xx

talj said...

Lovely flower today Anna, beautiful colours and what a wonderful niece you have!!!

Glad to here work went well today and so nice that your client popped in to see you.

{{{BIG HUGS}}}

Kaycee said...

Nevaeh is getting so big already! Just look at her lovely eyes!
I am glad to hear that you had a good day at work. It's wonderful that you client came to visit you.

The beautiful crocus photo is a sure sign of spring!

Anna said...

Beautiful shots! And she has such a pretty name Nevaeh....I love it.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I am behind on my commenting thanks to all of my trials and tribulations LOL, so I have looked at all the pics I have missed and will comment in general here and then will try to kep up on a daily basis again.

Love Cheeky Monkey, the Crocus is stunning, baby is tooooo cute, and in general great shots.


Olivier said...

la fleur est magnifique, tes belle composition. ce bebe est tres craquant, et un modele heureux.

the flower is splendid, your beautiful composition. this baby is very cracking, and a happy model.

AB said...

Thank you all for visiting and leaving a comment. My sister is utterly delighted with all the compliments about Nevaeh. She's new to photography, but I think she's got a knack for portraits (not that I'm biased, you realize LOL). I remember how I struggled over Christmas and New Year's to get decent photos of Nevaeh - and she's taking so many beautiful ones!

Libbys Blog said...

The flower shots are gorgeous, I really like them. Your neice is also beautiful, I have yet to see my Great Neice who was born 1st December last year. Things have conspired against us every time we try to go up!!

RUTH said...

How wonderful to have that visit from your client and that you had been able to help her. The crocus photo is so lovely and Nevaeh is so beautiful.

Ash said...

Flower and baby :-)

Pat said...

What a lovely crocus! Ohhh, I can hardly wait till mine start to bloom.

What a great photo of Nevaeh! And to think I saw her in person at Christmas. My how she's grown! I hope that when she comes back to visit your parents, I'll be able to get down there to see her again.

Great news about the lady and the mortgage!