Friday, 19 January 2007

January 19 ~ Seashells

I've been feeling rather low today; have had a migraine threatening to hit for most of the day, and am trying not to take too many painkillers until I absolutely must. As a result, this is probably not my best photograph.

I have a bag of seashells that I found at a craft store near my parents' home while we were visiting over the holidays. I liked the varying sizes of the same type of shell, so got out my black Perspex sheet and had a go at some reflections. While not my most interesting photograph, I liked the stark lineup of it and the rather tight crop. I'm giving Mini-Me, Flex and Ayla a break from posing for photos for the time being as I get the distinct impression that they will be accompanying me back to Solihull a week from Sunday and will be my inspiration for my PADs that week!

The high winds and torrential rain that hit the UK yesterday didn't have too severe an impact on us here in the North-East - thank goodness! Typically, I did get caught in a massive downpour when I pulled up at work, although when I left home 20 minutes earlier the sun had been shining! As I drove north along the motorway, I could see the sky getting blacker and blacker, and eventually drove into a sheet of rain that seemed to be falling sideways! Hailstones completed the torrent, and I made it into work looking like a drowned rat. Hmph. Less than 5 minutes after I ran into my branch, the rain stopped. C'est la vie!

Hope you all have a lovely Friday, and enjoy the start of the weekend!


talj said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit under the weather :o( Hope the migraine stays away and you have more fun with the shells :o)

Kaycee said...

The seashell colors are so rich and the details are very good. I really like the reflections!

I hope that the migraine goes away and that the winds die down soon. (I heard about the winds you are experiencing on our national news here in the US.)

Pat said...

Hope you feel better tomorrow, Anna.

I love this. I'm going to have to buy some black plexiglass and see what I can play with! ;)

Kaz said...

I love those shells and the colour is real great.