Saturday, 6 January 2007

January 1 ~ Hilton Falls

Here's my first PAD of 2007. Hilton Falls in Milton, Ontario - near where Mom and Dad live in Oakville. The 3 of us had a wonderful walk out there on New Year's Day; it's been so much fun taking photos with Mom. For a first attempt at photographing water using a slow shutter speed, I'm pretty happy with the results!

Here's hoping that this shot is the start of a good PAD year - I really enjoyed this project in 2006.


Patz said...

This is stunning, Anna. I hope to go here with your mother and see if I can get something like this at Hilton Falls.

Would you share your settings?

AB said...

I hope you and Mom get there too Pat! :)

Here are the settings I used:
Shutter priority
1/2 second
Cloudy WB
-1 EV

Hope that helps! :) I just put the camera on a tripod and tried different combinations of shutter speed and aperture until I got the look I was after; can't wait to see what you get on your visit!