Wednesday, 10 January 2007

January 10 ~ Can You Hear the Sea?

Ayla has a seashell she's rather fond of; she's certain she hears the sound of the sea whenever she holds it to her ear. Flex personally thought Ayla was a bit weird for thinking this, so to prove her point, Ayla made Flex listen.

I'm not sure what Flex thinks of this; his face isn't giving anything away. ;) He sat there listening for quite some time - he either hears it and is entranced, or can't hear a thing and doesn't want to hurt Ayla's feelings by saying so!

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Kaycee said...

I am a believer, just like Alya. One can hear the sea in a seashell. I can hear the sea by holding the seashell against my ear just as I can still hear the ringing of Santa's sleigh bells. (Do you know the book and movie called The Polar Express?)